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Tips & Tricks You Need to Know to Protect Your Fabrics

July 3, 2018

To avoid color fading and yellowing of your dry clean only fabrics:

  1. Avoid spraying fragrances directly onto your clothing.
  2. Do not pretreat new spots and stains before dry cleaning.
  3. Avoid wearing fabrics that are dry clean only if you know you will be sweating excessively. 
     The chemicals in colognes, perfumes, and our body's sweat often react with the dry cleaning chemicals causing light colors to yellow; many times the yellowing resembles a yellow highlighter and cannot be reversed.

     Pre-treating new spots and stains with a laundry pre-treatment chemical will react with the dry cleaning solution and cause color fading; color fading cannot be reversed. 

      If fragrances are sprayed directly onto the fabric, the fabric was pre-treated with a laundry solution, or your day didn't go as planned because the A/C went out at work and caused you to sweat, it is important that you let our managers know so damage to your fabric can be avoided if possible.  

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